This is stuff from the girls who started this, Jackie, Melissa and Jenna.  Jackie wrote something first and she started to get emails from all over the country on Wednesday the 7th.  Please be sure to email Jenna who is 8, she has not gotten many emails from kids her age yet...

Jackie - 14
Hey! Thank you so much for helping with Project Backpack, and for visiting the site. I hope by now you have made your own backpack or are trying to learn how to do so. You can use this page to help you create your backpack, help a friend create their backpack, learn more about this project, or to learn how you can volunteer and help.

 First things first…


 You can use any old backpack you have that is still in considerably good shape. You don’t need to buy a new backpack, you can use an old one.

Suggestions to put in your backpack;

- crayons

- colored pencils

- coloring books

- books

- small games

- small toys

- unused sport water bottles

- school supplies (such as spirals, composition notebooks, pencils)

- inflatable beach balls

These are just suggestions! Please put things you think will make a child your age that has just lost their home feel better. What would you want in your backpack? Ask your friends and family what they think you should put in also, if you’d like. If you are unsure whether a certain item is allowed to go into a backpack, you can contact us to ask. Put things in that you hope will make the kids feel better and that they can have fun with.

If you don’t have a backpack to put things into, just drop off a grocery bag full of items at the drop off times. We will use those items to fill up empty backpacks or ones that need more things.


Once you’ve made your own backpack, encourage your friends to make one too. You can also get copies of the flyer on our website under Get the Word Out of open creation to hand out to your friends and other people in your school and community. You can make posters to hang in your school, in your neighborhood, or at local stores (with permission first, of course). Just telling one more person who will make a backpack makes one child’s life happier. Teens: try using AIM to tell your friends, and to go distribute flyers in Bethesda/D.C/Virginia/Potomac/Maryland…people really appreciate how you try to help in this time of need.


I (Jackie) and my sisters Melissa and Jenna came up with this idea Wednesday night. So far, as of 5 p.m. Sunday, we have about 160 backpacks, and we are expecting more on Tuesday and Wednesday. We hope to get the first shipment of backpacks out to Houston by Thursday, either by truck or plane.  We are hoping to get 1,000 backpacks by Wednesday, and if so, we hope to continue our fundraiser so we can receive the maximum number of backpacks possible!

If you have any questions, or have any suggestions, you can email me at 

Jenna - 8
Jenna has not written anything yet, but until then, she can be reached at, preferably only by other kids who are less than 10 years old.

Melissa - 11
Thank you guys so much for helping out by filling backpacks with joy for the Katrina kids.  You did a great thing.  Questions or just wanted to say hey -