Project Backpack:

A Relief Effort for Children of Katrina

Giving Kids What They Left Behind

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Recent estimates from the American Red Cross reveal Hurricane Katrina has left at least 200,000 people homeless for up to six months.

Many of them are children, very much like the children in our community. Except unlike our children, many have lost their homes, personal belongings, and any immediate hope for school and education.

To help, we have created “Project Backpack: A Relief Effort for Children of Katrina,” where we plan to give kids what they left behind.




After that...
Backpacks or a bag that zips closed
filled with toys, books, school supplies.  If you don't have a bag, but do have loose items, we will accept them and put them in other bags. If you have bags but no items to fill them with, those are welcome also.


Remember, bags are needed for children of all ages.

Choose an age: bags may contain items for babies, young children, or pre-school up to teenagers.  Just label your bag so we know.

Find gently used things in your home - this is a kid to kid effort!  Nothing fancy. 


Items listed in the "What to Pack" list are suggestions, you don't have to stick to this list.

Only items listed in the "What NOT to Pack" list will be removed during processing if included for safety reasons.

Also see "Houston Independent School District  -  Required Supplies" below.

Suggestions to INCLUDE:

  • Note or card to child
  • Small toys, (new or clean)Stuffed Animals
  • Playing cards
  • Magazines
  • Sports Bottles
  • Blow up balls/toys
  • Notebooks
  • Paper
  • Notepads
  • Pens, pencils, crayons
  • Books (not heavy text books)
  • no need to purchase fancy items - take gently used things from your house


  • Food or drinks (including chewing gum, candy, etc.)
  • Sharp objects (non-safety scissors, pocket knives)

Suggestions for baby bags:

Suggestions to INCLUDE:

  • Note or card to child or parent
  • plastic bottles
  • receiving blanket
  • onsies
  • rattles, pacifiers, small toys
  • Board books
  • teething rings
  • single serving powdered formula packs
  • burp cloths
  • changing pads
  • baby grooming items


  • Liquid formula
  • Cans of powdered formula
  • Glass bottles
  • Baby food